Oh my diem my

Diem_my, my new favourite.

Based out of Vietnam, most of Diem My’s dresses are hand-made – constructed using the technique of hooking and knitting. Immense.

Diem My says: “I finished this collection after reading the immortal novel “The lover” by the French novelist, Marguerite Duras. The insane love between the protagonist and her Chinese lover inspired me to make something special and thus the collection called “Lover & Roses” was born. Its inspiration was the sweetness and intenseness of the lover, and the seductiveness and thorniness of the roses. Being a lover of art, I want every piece of mine to look artistic with the beauty of a painting and the form of a sculpture. My aim is that everyone will want to touch it when they see it. This dress connected me with the ideas of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.” [quote via notjustalabel]

Super kinda love her.

Sloth scale: 5

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