New Fashion: interventions in materials and techniques

New fashions: interventions in materials and techniques is the first in a series of three exhibitions at the Fashion Space Gallery (London College of Fashion) devoted to “emerging talent across the disciplines of fashion design, illustration and photography”.

On display were the garments of eight emerging fashion labels, chosen from both recent and graduation collections. The exhibition was apparently organised spatially into four categories: emotion, tradition, form and forward thinking. Now to be totally honest I did not see this distinction between the pieces – in fact I thought all eight designers displayed elements of all four categories.

My feelings towards the unnecessary pigeon holing aside, the exhibition is stunning. The designs are unbelievably complicated and yet totally wearable: an exciting and yet rare combination.

I was really happy to see Felicity Brown amongst those showing. She is an absolute pioneer in sustainable fashion design and her work becomes increasingly impressive over the seasons.

The exhibition also included work from Fyodor Golan, an incredibly talented fashion duo whose work is so manually intensive I am literally overwhelmed with awe and respect whenever I see it up close.

The exhibition also features commissioned masks by Helen Woolfenden, which are based on a collection of antique microscopic slices of plant, mineral and insecta collected and printed on silk by Graz Darken.

All the designers are pushing the boundaries in the creation of contemporary womenswear. They seem to be straddling that space between fashion and art, a place we are very fond of indeed.

The exhibition runs until March 7th, 2012

Sloth Scale: 8

The Fashion Space Gallery

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